Tuesday, February 27, 2007

In the dungeon and other thoughts...

I am spending hours in front of the screen editing and hours in the dark where like a mad man I am trying to master the negative and give the photograph a life of its own, the way I have perceived it. It is time consuming but unlike the digital it has a sensual way of feeling the material. You have learned how it responds, what it takes to make it your own. It still fascinates me. Struggling with time. I wish the day was 48 hours and we lived two lives but then I know that I have to do with what we have.

Work, and for what I am speaking about, dreams. Hard to compromise, and hard to fit them in one pocket. In the morning running to deliver and do "lifestyle" sort of reportage, and in the nights living in another world. I am torn... But there is a goal, a target. I should not be complaining. But then complaining about the right sort of things makes our world moving and better?
I am never satisfied and always want more of life myself and everything.

Back to the rainy road again. Its getting colder here, I hope it snows. I want to go back north.... Delivering pics, work and meeting with loving friends in the eve before I close myself again to the lovely dungeons as I like to call it.


Martin Fuchs said...

Beautiful and thoughtful words Ektor. It's a pleasure not only to see your photographs but also to read your thoughts.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! The images here, are they a scan from your finished print or only from the negative? I am new to b&w film and your work is an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Geia sou Ektwra, elpizw ola kala! Egw Kina, exw sxedon xathei...alla tha vrw ton gyrismo fantazomai.

Se filw

Call when back..