Thursday, February 1, 2007

John G. Morris

Hangover in early morning Plaka, on assignment to photograph The very much Mr. Morris. My head is about to burst. I wait in lounge during the interview and wonder how I am going to bring myself to photograph this historical figure in photography. He has been around and has rubbed shoulders with most of the finest photographers of our time. He knows his stuff. My knees are about to give up, and my hands are shaking. Too much coffee to keep me going and the stress! I hate these moments of insecurity. I listen to him telling stories about Magnum, and Life and I am trying to see him through. I observe. But as always I dont know what I want. Hopefully I think to myself the opportune picture will present itself. He is kind and agrees to walk with me to find the picture. I am grateful.


Jeremy said...

the horizontal is interesting, i like it. It'd be nice to see it bigger. good shot,

Gaynell said...

People should read this.