Sunday, January 28, 2007

A walk by the bridge

I am in Istanbul with the actor Takis Chrisikakos, I used to watch films of him and felt obliged to take some pictures of him. It was my own assignment; I could do what ever I wanted to. I always like to spend time with my subjects, getting to know them and understand them or even built an image that I have in my mind of them, and how I perceive them. I want to go deeper, to scratch the surface. I am not interested in the stylish glamorous portraits that most magazines require. He was happy to do it. I was surprised as most of the people working in the arts are very conscious of their image and how they will portrayed in the media. We walked and I looked for the light. I asked him to act for me, and pretend I was not there.....


Jeremy said...

I thought at first these images were of Hary Keitel, actor in "Ulysses Gaze" and 1997 film by Theodoros Angelopoulos, and for which the mighty Josef Koudelka did some photography work (and published in a book called "Periplanissis"). The movie was set in Greece and the Balkans.


Josef is the greatest and any remark that my work resembles him I take as a compliment. Alas, I am not even as close as that. I know the work you are talking about. Its fantastic. I saw the exhibition as well.