Sunday, January 28, 2007

Grey Wolves

Young members of the Turkish Nationalist Party "Grey Wolves"

In the night I visit the notorious Grey Wolves organisation in Istanbul. I find them suspiciously open and inviting. Nevertheless, happy to enter in their domain, I drink many teas and listen to their doctrine at length, until my moment arrives. With very little at hand I am rying to capture the atmosphere. Kemal is looking at you from every corner in every room. I feel like getting out of there. The rooms too small and the ceiling too low. Always felt a fascination for symbols and decorum, maybe because I dislike them in my life. This time time felt scared

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Anonymous said...

Could you please make the text a little smaller. When using my MachroKron EX-35A Ultraflux/Capacitor electron microscope with an oscillator setting of ~143/AU.sig mica-grams, I can still make out the letters.