Sunday, January 28, 2007

Grey Wolves

Young members of the Turkish Nationalist Party "Grey Wolves"

In the night I visit the notorious Grey Wolves organisation in Istanbul. I find them suspiciously open and inviting. Nevertheless, happy to enter in their domain, I drink many teas and listen to their doctrine at length, until my moment arrives. With very little at hand I am rying to capture the atmosphere. Kemal is looking at you from every corner in every room. I feel like getting out of there. The rooms too small and the ceiling too low. Always felt a fascination for symbols and decorum, maybe because I dislike them in my life. This time time felt scared


Anonymous said...

Could you please make the text a little smaller. When using my MachroKron EX-35A Ultraflux/Capacitor electron microscope with an oscillator setting of ~143/AU.sig mica-grams, I can still make out the letters.

Anonymous said...

Hey, You are really ignorant, isnt it? Grey Wolves? hahaha. They call ''Ülkücü'' theirself. Not Grey Wolf. And you should read book of '' 9 IŞIK''which their''başbuğ'' wrote.